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Have you ever heard Clive Lawton present?

Because if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat at Limmud SA this year. Clive is just one of the exciting international presenters who’ll be joining us at our Conferences.

clive.lawton rsz

Clive is a co-founder of Limmud in the UK and is now its Senior Consultant. He works worldwide as an education development consultant, is a magistrate, advisor to the UK Government on diversity issues, and scholar-in residence at London’s Jewish Cultural Centre. Clive has been a school principal, …

Meet filmmaker Slawomir Grünberg at Limmud SA

Polish award-winning documentary film-maker Slawomir Grünberg coming to Limmud SA



Slawomir Grünberg is an award-winning documentary film producer, director and cinematographer – an independent artist, focusing on social, political, environmental and identity issues.  A graduate of the Polish Film School in Lodz, author of over 45 documentary projects, Grünberg is a recipient of Guggenheim and Soros Media Fellowships. Among other projects, Slawomir’s Jewish-themed films are widely presented across the globe and continue to bring him international …

International presenter Talia Sasson coming to Limmud SA


 We’re looking forward to welcoming Talia Sasson to Limmud SA this year.

Talia  is a board member of the New Israel Fund and co-chair of its international council. In 2005, at the request of Prime Minister Sharon, she was a special legal advisor for the government and the author of the Sasson Report on Israeli settlement activity. She now heads her own law firm, representing diverse organisations in administrative and civil cases. In 2009,  she …