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Meet Ruth Langer: fostering understanding between Jews and Christians

Ruth Langer is Professor of Jewish Studies in at Boston College’s Theology Department and Associate Director of its Center for Christian-Jewish Learning. She is also chair of the U.S. Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations. She writes and speaks about the development of Jewish liturgy and ritual, and about Christian-Jewish relations.Presenter pic, Ruth Langer

An interesting interview with Ruth, in which she discusses the origin and expression of complexities in the Jewish – Christian dynamic.

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Meet Linda Press Wulf: Award winning author with roots in SA

Presenter pic, Linda Press WulfLinda Press Wulf is the author of ‘The Night of the Burning’, an award-winning book of historical fiction for adults and young adults. Born in Johannesburg, she now lives in Berkeley and Tel Aviv. She is working on her third book.

For more about Linda, visit her website

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The Night of The Burning

Devorah, 12, is haunted by the loss of her parents to war and typhus, and, along with her sister, is ...