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I’m Yom Limmud Durban

Limmud South Africa is double digits this year (#Limmud10) and Limmud Durban is giving it a double whammy with not one but two major Limmud events.

The first is a Yom Limmud on May 2nd and the second falls between the Johannesburg and Cape Town events later in the year.

Durban’s Yom Limmud programme has top-notch presenters (a good mix of first-timers and pros), there will be a film screening and live music as well ...

What’s on Your Seder Plate?

Take your Pesach One Step Further by incorporating new customs in the spirit of Limmud.

A past Limmud presenter has suggested adding an orange to the Seder plate. The custom of adding this thick skinned fruit, not yet fully revealed, evolved from an orthodox LGBT group and reminds us that even though we have left slavery and Egypt, there are still multiple groups in the world who are effectively enslaved by prejudice.

At Limmud everyone ...

“Celebrating 10” Top 10 Limmud Values

This year Limmud SA celebrates 10 years of operation. The last 10 years have seen our support base growing steadily. The various events held throughout the country each year receive fantastic attendance and enjoy the involvement of presenters of the highest quality and passionate volunteers that make it all happen. Limmud SA really has been embraced as part of the fabric of Jewish life in South Africa. Here are 10 possible reasons why:

  1. Learning

At ...

A Limmud Minute with Annamaria Orla-Bukowska

Annamaria shares a bit about her sessions for Limmud, as well as some personal favourites:


Who is your favourite Jewish/Israeli artist/musician?


What did you want to be when you were younger?

What I am now: a teacher.

What is your favourite Jewish Holiday and why?

Hanukah because I love latkes! 😉

What aspect of Limmud are your looking most forward to?

Interactions, exchanges, meetings of hearts and minds

What is your philosophy towards your ...