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Speaking for the Hallowed Past

What Art Spiegelman teaches us about teaching the Holocaust for the next generation


In a book chapter entitled “Truth and Testimony: The Process ­and the Struggle”, famed Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist Dori Laub writes about the “trauma of the listener” as he discusses the value of Holocaust testimony. As Laub puts it, when testimony is given, the listener experiences the trauma of the victim because, through the very act of listening, he or she, becomes ...

Limmud SA 2015: Bringing the Best of the Jewish World to South Africa

We are delighted to announce the first 3 of our international presenters for Limmud South Africa 2015.

This year we will bring out  presenters from the United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel and Poland.

These presenters will include historians, Rabbis, a rapper, an intelligence experts, an oud player, a psychologist, a sociologist, teachers, podcasters, academics and authors.

We hope that you will join them at Limmud SA 2015.


Indaba Hotel (Fourways)

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Limmud’s Guide to the Israeli Elections

The Limmud Guide is designed to give a taste of the diverse range of topics that Limmud offers. Over the Limmud year, these guides will offer snippets of information useful to any Limmudnik, no matter where they are on their unique Jewish journey. They are here to help Limmudniks broaden their knowledge and create a space where they can have enriching and insightful conversations with other inspiring individuals.

Part 3

The Game Changers

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A familiar ...