2017 Featured Presenters

Limmud SA is committed to bringing the best of the Jewish world to our shores. There will be more than 15 international presenters coming to Limmud SA this year. From Hungary to New York, from Poland to Australia, from Haifa to London.

Samuel Lebens
Rabbi and Philosopher

Samuel is a star of the Limmud International circuit who has spoken at dozens of Limmud events around the world over the past decade. He captivated South African audiences earlier this year and is coming back for more. He is a philosopher, Orthodox Rabbi and Jewish educator. He is a co-founder of the Association for the Philosophy of Judaism and is a senior research fellow at the University of Haifa.

Sessions Include Can God Change the Past? and A Guide to the Guide to the Perplexed

Watch him online here and here.

Liz Alpern
New Recipes for Old World Jewish Food

Liz is co-owner of the Gefilteria and co-author of the Gefilte Manifesto. She puts a hip Brooklyn accent on Old World Ashkenazi cuisine. Her work has been profiled in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Times of Israel.

Sessions Include Ashkenazi Cocktails & Pickling 101

Learn more about Liz here and here.

Miri Eisin
Intelligence Squared

Miri served in Israeli intelligence, retired as a colonel in 2004 and was Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s international media adviser. Miri teaches at the IDC in Herzliya and is an associate at the Institute for Counter Terrorism.

Sessions Include: The Syrian Chaos – What Happened and What are the Options for the Future? and The Regional Turmoil – Overview and Implications for Israel

Learn more about Miri here.

Benjamin Gampel
The Sage of Sephardi History

Benjamin Gampel is a New York based historian who authored The Last Jews on Iberian Soil and edited Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World. A dynamic presenter, there was standing room only at his sessions at the Limmud conference in the UK.

Watch him here.

Shira Kline
Re-engineering Jewish Music

Shira Kline is a New York based musician, performer, and purveyor of outrageously hip Jewish music for adult and kids. Shira is also a ritual artist specializing in creative worship and children’s spirituality.

Sessions Include 5 Essential Ingredients for Living in the Moment and Shira Live in Concert.

Read about her here.