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H. Alan Scott-Latter Day Jew

H. Alan Scott is the second presenter who is confirmed for Limmud SA 2018. He is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. He is the subject of the forthcoming documentary film Latter Day Jew. He has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, CNN, MTV, and Fusion. He has written for VICE, Esquire, Newsweek and OUT Magazine. He co-hosts “Out On The Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast. Oprah said his name....

Nechama Goldman Barash- From the Seduction of Eden to the Fires of Sinai


Meet Nechama Goldman Barash. She will be joining us at Limmud SA 2018.

Nechama has a master’s degree in Talmud and teaches classes in rabbinic text, women and Judaism and contemporary Jewish law at Machon Pardes and Matan in Jerusalem. She provides halachic education and counseling for women seeking to use the mikva as a way to sanctify sexual intimacy.

Sessions include Sexuality and Sanctity: How to Build a Jewish Sexual Ethic & Does ...

Limmud SA Johannesburg Programme is Launched

After months of planning, some very late nights and a huge collective volunteer effort, we are proud to release Limmud SA Johannesburg’s 2014 programme.


This programme has the best of the Jewish world mixed with top local talent. We have worked as best we can to ensure that there is always something for everyone. We hope that you have agonising choices to make and that there is more than two sessions every hour which ...

Limmud Link-ups by Terri Pillemer

Limmud Link-ups

One of the brilliant things about Limmud is the linking up that’s done between sessions. Grabbing a coffee in the foyer, a sarmie triangle or just a moment to still your mind before the next session gets it spinning again, it’s hard not to strike up a conversation with the fellow Jew beside you.

Whatever your background and wherever you’re headed, in that moment you are in the same place: taking one step ...