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Presenting: The Limmud SA Cape Town 2016 programme

Limmud SA Cape Town is excited to present the programme for conference 2016.

With 112 sessions, including 62 locals and 19 internationals, the programme is bursting with rich diversity and offers a feast of Jewish life and culture, text study, music, art and more. Plus, a first in Cape Town, our “Limmud Live” party and extravaganza on Saturday night!

There is something for everyone so enjoy making your picks and, if you haven’t already, book ...

Meet Valerie Root Wolpe: Inspirational life coach

Valerie Root Wolpe loves to awaken and express the creative spirit which she believes everyone longs for- to transcend routine life and experience this divine spark.  Through 3 decades as a personal and leadership coach and recruiter, she has discovered some creative and contemplative practices with the superconductive power to move participants swiftly and deeply along.  Val has a fun, easy and grounded style that will encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone and ...