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Young Limmud 2016Taking your children one step further on their Jewish journey

Exchange your Rands for some foreign currency, gather your passports, and apply for an unabridged birth certificate – Young Limmud is going on a Jewish Journey like none other!

This year the Young Limmud (YL) programme will provide children, ages 6 -12, with the opportunity to be part of the Limmud experience in a ‘child-friendly’ way, having fun and getting to do creative and engaging activities. We will be going on a ‘trip around the world’, visiting, learning about and engaging in Jewish communities around the globe. Each country or region will have a specific focus, allowing the participants to add to their knowledge of Jewish customs around the world and to think about what makes their South African Jewish community such a special one.

These fun-filled and creative activities will be co-ordinated by experienced teachers. They will be joined by some young and enthusiastic volunteers who have gone through youth movement training and are fully equipped and prepared to make these activities the best they can be. Your children will be in brilliant hands, and will be looked after and entertained from start to finish. They will be learning and broadening their minds without even realising it – what more could you want for them?!

So fasten your seatbelts, put your seat in the upright position (unless it’s movie time, when you can lie down and get comfy) and make sure your tray table is folded away. We hope you enjoy your adventure with Young Limmud 2015!


Creative expression through art and music

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