David Bigman-At the Interface of Halacha and Society

David is Rosh Yeshiva of Ma’ale Gilboa, where he fosters a learning environment committed to Torah study and intellectual openness.  Influenced by the teachings of Rabbis Aaron Soloveichik, Aryeh Leib Bakst and Yisrael Ze’ev Gustman, Bigman is  proactive on issues pertaining to society and halacha, agunot (women and divorce), infertility and Orthodox conversions not under the auspices of the Chief Rabbinate.


Sessions include: Rachel’s Cry: Give me Children:  Halachic  and Communal Responses to  Single Women and Childbirth and Rebbe Nachman’s Response to Heresy: Reconstruction or Rejection


Hear David here http://drisha.org/search-podcast/?teacher=903

Read David  here https://www.jewishideas.org/article/expanding-our-religious-vocabulary

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