Limmud SA names Adina Roth as the new National Chair

Adina Roth is the new National Chair of Limmud SA and the news was received with great excitement from Limmud volunteers around the country. Adina embodies the values and the vision of Limmud SA and has a wealth of experience as a Limmud volunteer and conference co-chair.

Adina, who practices as a clinical psychologist and describes herself as an alternative Jewish educator, says, “Limmud has had such a positive impact on my life”. The responsibility to lead Limmud SA into the next decade comes with some trepidation, “because the task is so great and so important. It needs to grow. This is my deep challenge.”

David Bilchitz congratulated Adina on behalf of Limmud International. “The Limmud SA team has great confidence in Adina and internationally we share the same sentiment. We look forward to seeing Limmud in SA going from strength to strength under her leadership.”

As the warm wishes flooded in for Adina, Wayne Sussman, the outgoing chair was also thanked for his leadership, incredible dedication and for getting Limmud SA to the point it is – a vibrant, well established, cultural force in our communities and one of the leading groups in the world.

Wayne will hopefully stay involved in Limmud, bringing his knowledge and experience to bear on the wider international Limmud community as well as at home, while under Adina’s leadership Limmud SA goes on to reach new heights.

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