Meet Shmuly Yanklowitz-Rabbi, Social Justice Activist and Educator

Rav Shmuly founded and leads Uri L’Tzedek, an Orthodox social justice movement. He also founded Shamayim V’Aretz Institute, an animal welfare activist centre. He serves as the Dean of the Valley Beit Midrash. He has written and published  various works  on topics ranging from ethics to social justice. His most recent publication is The Soul of Jewish Social Justice, published by Urim Publications.  In 2015, he underwent transplant surgery to donate his kidney. Newsweek rated Rav Shmuly one of the top 50 rabbis in America. In 2016, Forward named Rabbi Shmuly one of the most inspiring and influential Rabbis in America.

His topics include Ethical consumption: challenges & opportunities in the 21st century and Jewish social justice in our time!

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Johannesburg and Cape Town only

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