Teen Limmud Johannesburg

A group of pioneering teens have spent time imagining a space that would offer a unique experience for SA Jewish youth. A place where youth can explore identity within the JHB community and the broader global landscape. A programme for youth and by youth, not just a programme put together by an adult who may think they know what teens need. The space needs to be comfortable and foster a climate where teens are relaxed and can hang out, while maintaining a balance of chill time and challenging sessions. Content needs to encourage critical thinking and robust, respectful opportunity to debunk / challenge Jewish ideas that may be confusing or concerning for teens. The talks must be relevant to youth and provided by younger speakers who understand the issues authentically, using technology and fun ideas.


YOSSI BANK Yossi is currently in his second year of Actuarial Science at Wits. He matriculated in 2015 from King David Victory Park as head boy and has been a madrich at Habonim Dror for 3 years. His interests include music and teaching.

PARIS PENCHARZ Paris is a 20 year-old who is now in her first year at Wits studying a Bachelor of Science. She matriculated from King David Victory Park and then took a gap year with Habonim Dror in Israel. She has been involved in the movement since grade 9 and is now a madricha.

DAVID SCHWARTZ David is the current Rosh Machaneh of Habonim Dror and a long time Limmud goer. Out of his 13 year involvement in Habonim, David has been a madrich for 7 years. He studied for his BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science at Stellenbosch University. Originally from Cape Town, he has been living in Joburg for the past 2 years.

DANIEL SUSSMAN An ex-King Davidian and amateur MMA fighter, Daniel is currently studying Actuarial Science at Wits. Rosh Ken Johannesburg (head of Johannesburg) for Habonim Dror as well as a member of the Hannagah Artzit – The National Executive Body. He spent 2015 on a Habonim gap year living, working and volunteering in Israel.

KANANELO THOBAKGALE Kani is 19 years old and currently taking a gap year. He matriculated in 2016 and is an aspiring model and fashion designer. Kani joined Netzer in 2016 and was a Madrich at summer camp. He has enjoyed every moment so far.

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