Limmud Durban 2018

Your Jewish journey in Durban continues for the 11th consecutive year in 2018.

The Durban leg Limmud  SA takes place on National Women’s Day, August 2018 at the DJC.

Participants will not only be mentally, spiritually and socially stimulated but teas, coffees and delicious Kosher meals,  will satisfy our physical needs.

For those wanting more spirited refreshments, in a relaxed environment, the Circle Bar will be open the whole day. The bar is a great space to engage with the presenters and other attendees to discuss and debate in an informal space.

Limmud is a unique event that is entirely planned and run by volunteers. We are committed to harnessing the energy of people from right across the Jewish community – all ages, all (or no) religious affiliations – and from across the world.


Join us for what promises to be a day which celebrates Jewish learning and culture!